What medical care could you afford on less than a dollar a day? The Space Between examines poverty and healthcare through the stories of four individuals struggling with life-threatening illnesses in a Kenyan hospice. When underfunded and understaffed hospitals cannot keep up with demand, the Living Room hospice steps in to provide compassion, hope and relief for those suffering with life-threatening illnesses.

The Space Between is a human story about hope and perseverance that examines the impact of poverty on healthcare through the scope of dying with dignity. Kenya is one of the poorest nations, with more than half of the country living under the poverty line. Most can’t afford medical treatment so they die alone and in pain. For those who can enter the public hospitals, a painful existence awaits them as well: understaffed hospitals with minimal resources and multiple patients sharing a bed. Additionally, most hospitals do not offer Palliative care, an area of healthcare that focuses on relieving and preventing patients’ suffering. The Space Between gives a voice and name to those struggling with life-threatening diseases and conditions. The documentary profiles 4 guests at The Living Room hospice as well as Juli McGowan Boit, a nurse practitioner and HIV volunteer in rural Kenya who was inspired to partner with local leaders to found the hospice.

We profile:
Maggie, a young mother who is nearing the end of a long battle with cancer. Her biggest concern is who will care for her four children when she leaves this world. Her husband works 12-hr days for a mere dollar, which forces the children to spend most of their days alone. Jacob, a teacher who was shot & paralyzed during a home robbery. While in an overcrowded hospital receiving care, he developed four life-threatening bedsores.  The wounds tunnel so deep they are unable to heal on their own. Barnabas, a grandfather who is dying of throat cancer in a public hospital. Due to lack of morphine, he battles excruciating pain during his final days. His only request is to be able to die at home surrounded by his family, but to return home, his pain must be managed. James, a young man who is suffering from HIV, afraid to start treatment due to social stigmas. The virus has taken over his body, so he is brought to the hospice with the hope of stabilizing his condition.



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